Green Life Certification Application


What is it?

This program recognizes students that are living at Loyola in a sustainable way.  From the activities you participate in, to the materials in your room, to your academics, you have an impact and it is up to you to decide if it is going to harm the planet or support your local community.

You may view the commitments that will be outlined in this form here.

What do I get?

Upon completion of commitments to sustainability categories, the resident will receive a certificate plaque to display on their door. To meet minimum standards, applicants must have at least one item marked yes in each category. The number of commitments toward a sustainable life correlates to a level of sustainability:

Bronze: 10-24 points overall

Silver: 25-39 points overall

Gold: 40+ points overall


  • If you receive a certification within a given school year, it is assigned to the resident of the room for the entire year.  Residents must apply each year for certification.
  • Each resident of a room is encouraged to complete the application for certification.
  • Please note that to meet minimum standards, you must have at least one item marked YES (but more is always better!)

Although it is not required, you may be interested to know your impact. Determine your footprint using one of these online tools:

Global Footprint Network
Ecological Footprint
Conservation International
The Nature Conservancy